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Pakco Roasted Masala 100g

Pakco Roasted Masala 100g

  • $599

Pakco roasted Masala is a pure curry powder produced from exotic spices, blended with a little thickening agent and vegetable oil to a time-honoured Eastern recipe.

Dating back to the year 1948, the Pakco brand was established by Pakkiri Pillay and his family. The brand was built on traditional Indian family recipes for pickles, spices and later condiments and sauces.

Over 60 years later, Pakco has extended into other categories such as curry cook-in-sauces and pickles pastes, making the brand more relevant to the modern family. Enjoyed by people of different cultures across the world, Pakco enables anybody to become a curry expert and add authentic Indian flavour to any meal

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