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CADAC - 57cm Charcoal Pro Braai

  • $33500

CADAC 57cm Charcoal Pro Features:

- Fixed legs to ensure they do not fall off when the BBQ is moved and to make the BBQ more stable.
- A stainless steel non-rust ash bowl to collect the ash so it doesn't blow all over the outdoor area.
- Curved steel edges on the dome and bowl parts to prevent rust forming on the sharp edges.
- A patented and adjustable central air intake vent that controls the amount of air let in, and can shut off the air flow to reduce the use of charcoal.
- A central air outlet for a balanced central air outflow and inflow which ensures indirect cooking is optimal and symmetric.
- Included is a thick charcoal fire grid which will not burn through and need replacing as other popular makes.
- The cooking grid is covered in a low-stick porcelain enamel coating for easy cleaning.

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