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Buen Camino by Thea Hughes

Buen Camino by Thea Hughes

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Buen Camino - beyond the journey, is the debut novel of Thea Hughes - winner of A Woman's Write Fiction Book Competition. This is the story of Ana, a young woman rejected by her mother and sexually abused by her father as a child, who has carried the weight of her traumatic experiences long enough. At the age of thirty, she walks across Spain on the 764 kilometer medieval pilgrim trail, the Camino de Santiago, discovering its colourful history, myths, legends and beautiful Spanish countryside, on a life-changing quest to end her childhood pain. The overwhelming physical demands of the walk add to Ana's emotional suffering. Through an unlikely friendship with Richard, a gentle, older man in the early stages of Alzheimer's, she learns how to let go of the burden she has carried for so long. Richard teaches Ana to leave the past behind and to live in the here and now - as his illness has forced him to do. These two become improbable friends: one who cannot remember and one who cannot forget. It is along the el Camino path that Ana's spiritual journey takes place, for it is here she finds acceptance, friendship and love, as well as the courage to take on her own journey of the rest of her life.

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