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Beer Bird Double Grid

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I could tell you a cheesy, half-baked story about my great-grandfather learning about the secret of the Beerbird device from some unnamed tribesman during his travels into darkest Africa. Or I could tell you the truth: That you are looking at the one and only Beerbird Double Grid – South Africa’s original beer chicken cooking device and the greatest way to prepare chicken that this world has ever seen!

Simply place two opened cans of your favourite canned drink into the two rings on the Beerbird Double Grid, wedge the open end of the cans into the cavities of two chickens and cook on your covered kettle braai (BBQ), gas grill or in the oven. Within two hours you will be eating the most succulent, juicy, tender chickens that you can imagine.

The mild steel double grid comes packaged with easy-to-follow preparation and cooking instructions and an awesome beer chicken recipe book.

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